NicToolClient Change Log


2.13 - 2012.01.19

2.12 - 2012.01.04

2.11 - 2011.11.28

2.10 - 2011.11

2.08 - 2010.03

2.07 - 2008.09

2.06 - 2007.10

2.05 - 2007.02

2.04 - 2007.01

- added support for Yahoo Domain Keys (extremely long TXT records)
- new records in zones named like default to PTR record

2.03 - 2005.04

- new template feature - create a set of zone records when adding new zones (mps)
- a batch add feature - create add a list of new zones using a template (mps)
- added htdocs/zones.cgi, htdocs/templates.cgi, and added template support to htdocs/group_zones.cgi (mps)
- added zone_record_template_list and zone_record_template subs to lib/ (mps)
- templates are currently static, meaning you must edit the source code to add or modify them. (mps)
- tracked down and fixed the conditions that caused "use strict" pragma to fail. (mps)

2.02 - 2004.10

- added link to license and source on most output templates (aas)
- updated version to 2.02 (mps)
- updated license and source links to open in new window, it's icky when they launch in a frame. (mps)

2.01 - 2004.09

- added Affero-GPL license info
- added TXT rr type in
- disabled use strict pragma in htdocs/*.cgi. This causes failures under perl 5.8 due to programming shortcuts used by previous authors. This needs to be fixed eventually.

2.00 - 2002.02

updated to work with NicToolServer 2.00

- Permissions for Groups and Users
- Users can't access functions they don't have permission to do
- Edit/Create/Delete/Delegate
- Delegation of Zones and Zone Records
- Delegated Zones and Records have different icons
- Delegation information is viewable on the details page

UI improvements

- the Search box in the Group List can be used to search for Zones instead of Groups (see nictoolclient.conf)
- the "Include subgroups" checkbox in searches can be set to checked by default (see nictoolclient.conf)
- new "exact match" checkbox for quick searches. Can be set to default checked or not. (see nictoolclient.conf)
- new icons :)
- Delegated Zones, records, and pseudo-delegated zones show up differently in the Zones list. Some permissions icons shown in the list for delegated Zones. Number of records delegated shown for pseudo-delegated Zones.
- You can automatically jump to the Zone view of a new Zone after creating it (see nictoolclient.conf)

1.00 - 2001.09

- initial release

see also: NicToolServer Changes