NicTool Download

NicTool is Open Source and is available as a free download.

NicTool Installation

Complete Installation: A complete installation of NicTool on your DNS servers. You rack the server(s), install the OS per our specs and we take care of making the server(s) into DNS servers. You need only to manage the DNS via a web browser.

Complete Install & Upgrade: A complete installation of NicTool on your DNS servers. In additional to a complete install, we import your BIND zone data.

NicTool Customization

We are pleased to offer custom development for NicTool. NicTool is very customizable and has already been extended for integration into provisioning systems, custom forms for mass DNS updates, and other needs. Development is based on a $100/hr rate. Contact us for a quote today!

NicTool Managed DNS Service

NicTool Managed DNS Service is for those who wanting complete control of their DNS without administrating their own DNS servers. We provide DNS servers in three data centers and host the NicTool user interface.