Exporting NicTool DNS data to BIND

To export zone data from NicTool to BIND, you must first set up a BIND nameserver. Fortunately, this is easy.

1. Create the nameserver in NicTool - Log into via the web interface, create a sub-group if desired, and credit or edit a nameserver. Make sure to set the export format to BIND.

2. Configure BIND. This assumes you have BIND already installed. Many Unix-like operating systems do. Test and make sure it's working.

3. Export some data.

cd /usr/local/nictool
mkdir ns1.example.com
cd ns1.example.com
ln -s ../server/bin/nt_export.pl .
./nt_export.pl -nsid N

4. The nt_export.pl script will create a data-NSNAME directory in the current working directory. Inside will be the zone files exported by NicTool. Also left behind will be a 'run' file. That run file can be run from cron, init, or daemontools.

5. Write some type of script to incorporate the zone files into an existing BIND setup.